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Introduction to Programs

Cooking and baking are important skills for a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. At The Dizzy Whisk we love cooking and we want to impart that love to your children.

We offer private courses in the comfort of your own home as well as our very popular birthday parties (voted in the top 5 in BC in Todays Parent Magazine).

Courses consist of the following.

Soups and starters


We learn the steps that breadmaking goes through from the very basics of flour, yeast and water (and other ingredients of-course) to a warm and scrumptious loaf of bread. There is some chemistry involved, but what is better than chemistry which you can eat at the end of class?
Kids are introduced to various breads from different parts of the world and learn to make the breads themselves.

Soups and starters

Often overlooked, soups provide a full meal in and of themselves and vary tremendously in scope. Starters are an exciting and nutritious beginning to any meal and in fact can make up a meal in themselves as well, especially when paired with a freshly baked loaf of bread.


Main dishes or entrees are the core of any meal and we will concentrate on foods that are quick and easy to prepare, and healthy at the same time.
Our building blocks may include vegetables, pasta, quiches, stews, rice pilafs, couscous and a variety of other dishes – the possibilities are endless.
(Vegetarian dishes are likely to prevail, but depending on the groups and taking allergies and dietary requirements into consideration, we may also include meat and fish dishes).


Desserts are the favorite part of the meal in most households. We will be leaving the Oreo cookies and the Jell-O on the supermarket shelf and instead will be creating homemade goodies such as pies, cookies, meringues, cupcakes, scones and chocolate creations.

In all classes, we will discuss kitchen basics including hygiene (e.g. the dangers of cross contamination) and how to follow a recipe (not always an easy task).

We will discuss seasonal and local foods and depending on the season we may use herbs and vegetables grown in the The Dizzy Whisk garden. The emphasis will always be on enhancing flavour through the use of fresh herbs as opposed to manufactured seasonings.

Private Programs for Teens

These programs will concentrate on teaching skills to teens which they will take with them eventually to college. Rather than ordering takeout while they study, whether in high school or college, they will have the tools to prepare quick and healthy meals.


Fees vary, depending on the number of classes.. All classes include instruction and ingredients, and best of all, the children eat their own delicious creations at the end of every class.

Dates and Bookings

To arrange your own private cooking lessons in the comfort of your own home please contact us at



Camps will run for four and five days from 9am - 12pm and will cover the spectrum of breads, soups & starters, mains, sides and desserts. Kids will learn how to create a full meal every day from scratch using seasonal and local produce where possible. We will end each day sitting down together to a beautiful meal which they have created.

Dates: n/a


Minimum Age: 8 years old.

Maximum number of children per camp: 12

To register:

Registration is on a first-come, first- served basis. Please download and complete the online forms and return with payment to our address at 6257 Dunbar Street, Vancouver, BC, V6N1X3.

Since we anticipate very high demand and numbers are limited, we advise that you register your child as soon as possible.

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Note: In the unlikely case of insufficient numbers, we reserve the right to cancel a camp.